Who am I?

I’m a swedish woman, both humorous and serious (but never at the same time). I spend a lot of time on the internet, blogging and sharing my thoughts and views on various social medias since I’m not able to socialize IRL that much.

I have many creative interests such as handicrafts, DIY, design, art and fashion. I’m environmentally conscious and promotes and advocates recycling and eco friendly projects within all areas. I’m also a big animal lover and I condemn all kind of animal abuse, trophy hunting, poaching etc.


Why this site?

The Internet is full of beautiful pictures and photos that captivates and inspires me, and the simple purpose of this site is to share my personal favourite pictures divided in categories that reflects my interests, and also add my personal comments about both pics and subjects.

The impression one gets of an image is subjective. Everyone makes their own personal interpretation and gets their own experience. Please leave a comment if there is any image that particularly captures you.

This is my first website in a foreign language, so I hope that eventual readers have patience with my faltering english.